Healthcare Insurance

We are  a Network Provider 

Frequently Ask Questions

Q: Do you accept insurance? 

A: Yes, we are an in-network-provider for the healthcare insurance listed above

Q: How do I know if there is alternative medical coverage on my insurance plan? 

A: On the back of your insurance care there is a customer service number. You can call and inquire about Alternative medical coverage for Naturopathic Physician appointment. We also provide an insurance eligibility check prior to your booked appointment 

If you do not have Naturopathic Service included in your healthcare insurance plan, the following links are for reimbursement forms. Your service code and diagnosis code will be given to you on your visit for your insurance form. 

Aetna      Aetna Medical Claim Form 

Blue Cross BlueShield       Medical Domestic Reimbursement Form  

Cigna      Cigna Medical Claim Form  

Molina     Molina Reimbursement form

United Healthcare       United Healthcare digital reimbursement claim form