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Menopausal Symptoms

Insomnia, irritability, IBS, hot flashes, dryness, aging, arthritis, pain, memory difficulty, fatigue, weight gain, bloating, and urinary incontinence we can help in finding the cause of the problem. Dr. Leny will assess the nutrition, run a hormone panel, adrenal test, lipid, blood test and metabolic panel to evaluate the cause of the symptoms you are experiencing. Then she will create a customize treatment protocol to stop the symptoms and allow the body to heal while guiding you on life style changes that one can integrate to maintain your health. 


There are many causes of depression. Dr. Leny will assess the cause of the depression through  nutritional deficiency, genetic predisposition, hormonal, life style and etc. Then she will work with you to create a customize treament protocol at the same time making assessing for any drug-herb, drug-vitamin interaction through your treatment. The goal is to support the body by tackling the deficiency to treat the symptoms. 

Increase facial muscle tone and collage production to prevent jowl, wrinkles and sagging skin without Botox, fillers and needles 

Treatment visit to do 


Treat cellulite non-invasively by breaking the fat distribution, reducing the texture, smoothing your natural curvature and increasing circulation with no downtime

Scar treatment  non-invasively to reduce the appearance of the scar and to treat the hyperpigmentation of the scar. 

Pain treatment to decrease inflammation and pain. 

Pain Management without Pharmaceuticals 

Food Sensitivities can have multiple cause


Face, Chin, and Neck

Lip Plumping   Added treatment maybe needed for individuals with prior complications with Lip Fillers including but no limited to scar, bubbling, or adverse reaction to the lip filler treatments

Allergy/ Food Intolerance Testing

Chest/ Décolleté Rejuvenation  

Cellulite and Body Sculpting 

Ear Wax Removal

Rosacea Photofacial Therapy

Skin Tag, Mole and seborrheic keratosis Removal

Spider Vein


What's Included